The Institute Lecture Series was initiated in 1993 as an avenue to invite scholars who could talk to the campus community on subjects of broad interest. Around five or six such seminars are held every year. Apart from specialist researchers in their respective domains, eminent historians, policy makers, technologists, and leading thinkers have presented their ideasThe distinguished speakers of the past include Dr. V.K. Atre (2001), Mr. Prahlada (2002), Mr. N.R. Narayanamurthy (2002), Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan (2002), Prof. Lalji Singh (2004), and Dr. Harsh Gupta (2004). Recently, luminaries such as Prof. Herbert Hui of Cornell University (2007), Dr. R. Narasimhan (2008) of TIFR and Mr. Paul Craddock of the British Museum (2009) have spoken under the aegis of the Institute Lecture.

Prof. Shankar Subramaniam, Is Big Data the sine qua non of Human Future?, 30th October 2019 PDF
Prof.Will Featherstone, Geodesy? What on Earth’s that?, 16th October 2019 PDF
Prof. Dr. Ing. Habil Ulrich L. Rohde, New Radio Networks and Emerging Trends: SDR, 5G & IoT, 29th September 2019 PDF
Prof. Sumit Chakraborty, Time will tell: Tales of crustal evolution from the global to the atomic scale, 9th September 2019 PDF
Dr. Bibek Debroy, Contemporary Issues in Indian Economic Development, 4th September 2019 PDF
Prof. Alper Erturk, Dynamics of Next-Generation Smart/Meta Structures: Energy Harvesting, Bio-Inspiration, & Vibration Mitigation, 9th August 2019 PDF
Prof. Vishwanath Prasad, Energy: Human Evolution to Present Day Conflicts, 2nd August 2019 PDF
Prof. Debraj Ray, Similarity, Difference, and Social Conflict, 12th July 2019 PDF
Prof. Tooraj Jamasb, Energy Systems Integration: Economics of a “Network of Networks”, 16th May 2019 PDF
Shri Ajit Kumar Seth, The Challenge of Climate Change and India’s response, April 4th, 2019 PDF
Prof. Olivier J F Martin, Plasmonics: From materials to metasurfaces and pure magnetic light, 18th March 2019 PDF
Prof. Mark E. Tuckerman, Molecular simulation and Machine Learning as Routes to Exploring Structure and Phase Behavior in Atomic and Molecular Crystals, 15th March 2019 PDF
Michael Berry, Geometric phases and the separation of the world, 7th March 2019 PDF
Tahei Tahara, Wonder world seen with light, 1st March 2019 PDF
Oleg A Kabov, Evaporation, Levitation and Self-Organization of Liquid Micro-droplets over Solid and Liquid Surfaces and Contact Line Region, 17th January 2019 PDF
Mr. Arvind Gupta, Making Things, Doing Science, 27th August 2018 PDF
Professor Edgar Knobloch, Spatially Localized Structures: Experiments, Theory and Numerics, 11th July 2018 PDF
Dr. Arunava Sen,Engineering in Economics: An Introduction to Mechanism Design, 15th February 2018 PDF
Dr. Bhupendra Ahuja , Evolution of High Performance Analog Front End ICs , 9th February 2018 PDF
Professor Arieh Ben-Naim, Hydrophobic-Hydrophilic Phenomena in protein folding, 22nd January 2018 PDF
Professor Paula Richman , What happens when Ravana moves to the Center?, 15th January 2018 PDF
Professor Parrinello Michele , Fluctuations and rare events , 4th December 2017 PDF
Professor D D Sarma, Fascinations of semiconductor nanomaterials: Their extraordinary luminescent properties, 17th November 2017 PDF
Professor Joachim Frank, The Ribosome – restless molecular machine at the center of all life, 8th November 2017 PDF
Professor Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Can India get to 100% Electric Vehicles by 2030? What does it mean for the auto and oil industry?, 31st October 2017 PDF
Prof. A.K. Sood , The Physics of Life: Flocking and Bacterial Heat Engine , 22th September 2017 PDF
Mr. Biplab Ketan Paul , Bhungroo: Empowering the underprivileged , 24th August 2017 PDF
Prof. Henry F. Schaefer, III , Density Cumulant Theory, 22nd March 2017 PDF
Prof. Bharat Ratra , Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Einstein’s Cosmological Constant, and the Accelerating Universe , 22nd March 2017 PDF
Prof. V. Ramamurthy, Science and Scientists, 23rd December 2016 PDF
Prof. Martin Gruebele, Dynamics of complex systems: vibrating molecules, nanostructures, glasses, proteins in the cell, and swimming fish , 12th December 2016 PDF
Prof. Timothy J Pedley, Micro-organism swimming: individual and collective behaviour, 22th November 2016 PDF
Dr. Anil Bhardwaj, MOM and SARA: Mars and Moon, 7th November 2016 PDF
Professor C.N.R. Rao, Graphene Analogues, 26th June 2016 PDF
Prof. Satish K. Tripathi , Turning Excellence into Impact , 25th June 2016. PDF
Dr. Thierry Poinsot, Prediction and control of combustion instabilities in gas turbines for propulsion and power generation, 13th May 2016. PDF
Prof. Achintya Haldar, Health Assessment of Civil Infrastructures, 7th April 2016. PDF
Prof. Lyndon Evans, Back to the Big Bang. The Large Hadron Collider, 4th March 2016 PDF
Prof. Ashoke Sen, String Theory and Cosmology: Tying the Two Ends, 3rd March 2016 PDF
Prof. Michael Schmittel, From a lab-on-a-microchip to a lab-on-a-molecule, 2nd March 2016 PDF
Prof. Ravi Samtaney, Simulation Enabled Discoveries: Examples from MHD and Turbulence, 10th February 2016 PDF
Dr. Samiran Mahapatra, Innovations for a Sustainable World – A Journey from Lab to Market, 9th February 2016 PDF
Prof. Satish V. Kulkarni, Paradigm Shift for the R&D Enterprise in India:Innovation Through a Symbiotic Partnership Between Universities and National Laboratories, 15th January 2016 PDF
Prof. Mysore A. Dayananda, Selected Phenomena in Multicomponent Diffusion, 29th December 2015 PDF
Prof. Jagdish Narayan , Fundamental Discovery of New Phases and Direct Conversion of Carbon into Diamond and hBN into cBN and Properties, 16th December 2015 PDF
Mr. Ananth Krishnan, Digital Forces Combine to Create Innovation at the Intersections, 15th October 2015 PDF
Prof. Seshadri Seetharaman , Metallurgical Emissions – ticking environmental bomb or a valuable resource?, 19th March 2015 PDF
Prof. E. C. Subbarao, Past successes and future challenges for iit kanpur, 16th March 2015. PDF
Prof. T.V. Ramakrishnan, Physics, 24th February 2015. PDF
Dr. Sumit Gulwani, Automating Repetitive Tasks for the Masses, 18th February 2015. PDF
Professor Herbert Gleiter, Can Nanoglasses open the Way to an Age of New Technologies, 27th January 2015.Herbert Gleiter (Nano Glasses) PDF
Professor Seyed E. Hasnain, Will we succeed in winning the war against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the deadly human pathogen that causes TB and takes one human life every 15-20 seconds?, 20th January 2015. PDF
Professor Vijay Kumar, From UAVs to Flying Robots, 3rd November 2014. PDF
Professor Samir K. Brahmachari, Open Innovation, Big Data and Crowd Sourcing: The Next Frontier, 18th October 2014. PDF
Professor M. V. S. Valiathan, Ayurveda and Modern Science, 26th September 2014. PDF
Dr. J. Georg Bednorz, High TC Superconductivity – after A quarter Century A technology is ready to take off, 17th June 2014 PDF
Prof. Masahiro Yamashita, Frontier of Quantum Molecular Spintronics Based on Single-Molecule Magnets: Toward Green IT devices, 5th April 2014 PDF
Prof. Emmanuel Dormy, The origin of the Earth’s magnetic field, 1st April 2014 PDF
Prof. M. Vidyasagar, Machine Learning Methods in Cancer Biology, 19th February 2014 PDF
Prof. Peter G. Wolynes, Supercooled Liquids, Glasses and their Ultimate Fates, 17th February 2014 PDF
Prof. Graham R. Fleming, Lessons from Nature on Solar Light Harvesting, 12th February 2014 PDF
Prof. Raj Mohan Gandhi, The 1947 Partition of Punjab: Why and How it Happened, 4th February 2014 PDF
Dr. P. Chellapandi, Challenges in the design of Fast Breeder Reactors from a mechanics perspective, 31st January 2014 PDF
Professor Subir Sachdev, Quantum Mechanics Without Particles, 21st January, 2014 PDF
Prof. Roderick Guthrie, The Importance of Gas Bubble sizes in Liquid Metal Processing Operations, 20th December 2013. PDF
Prof. Ernst Wintner, Lasers: Evolution, Applications and Future, 28th October 2013 PDF
Prof. Charles D. Kolstad, The Economics of Climate Change, Green Growth and India, 27th August 2013. PDF
Prof. Ananth Dodabalapur, Chemistry, Polymer and Printable Transistors: Recent Advances, 14th March 2013 PDF
Dr. Manvendra K. Dubey, Chemistry, Carbon and Climate Science to Meet the 21st Century Energy Challenge, 12nd February 2013. PDF
Dr. Chaitanyamoy Ganguly, Nuclear Fission Energy, a Sustainable and Environmental friendly option for electricity – Challenges, 1st February 2013. PDF
Prof. J. N. Reddy, Numerical Simulations of Problems in Science and Engineering Using the Finite Element Method, 2nd January 2013. PDF
Prof. Marek Behr, Physiological Modeling in Computational Hemodynamics, 5th November 2012. PDF
Dr. Ajay Mathur, Energy in India: Strategies for the Future, 3rd October 2012. PDF
Prem Kumar, Ultrafast Processing of Photonic Entanglement: Technologies and Potential Applications, 14th September 2012 PDF
Rohini Godbole, Significance of the discovery of a Higgs boson at CERN, 10th September 2012. PDF
Mrinal K. Sen, Subsurface Imaging: Challenges and Opportunities, 9th April, 2012. PDF
Jagadish Shukla, Global Warming: Science, Politics, Ethics and Policy, 14th February 2012. PDF
Ian Angell, Science’s First Mistake: Delusions in pursuit of Theory, 4th January, 2012. PDF
Dr. A. Pouquet, Waves and turbulence in rotating flows, 5th December,2011. PDF
Dr. Mahan Maharaj, What is hyperbolic geometry?, 14th November, 2011. PDF
Mr. Prabuddha Ganguli, Pole-vaulting innovations across Academic Walls, 31st October 2011 PDF
Prof. Richard J. Saykally, Water Music: The Latest Word on the Most Important Substance in the Universe, 18th April, 2011 PDF
Dr. Yogendra Joshi, Thermal Management of Microsystems from Chips to Data Centers, 24th March, 2011 PDF
Dr. V. Ramaswamy, The Earth’s Changing Climate System: Past to Future, 17th March, 2011 PDF
Dr. Rajeev Sharangpani, Ergonomics: Sense and Science of Human movement, 11th March, 2011 PDF
Dr. Koji Okumura, Geology of Earthquakes: The wisdom to prepare for the rarest and the most devastating hazards, 25th February, 2011 PDF
Dr.Sanjay Bihari, Neurosurgery: An inspiring arena for engineering innovation, 23rd February, 2011 PDF
Institute Lecture 2010 PDF
Institute Lecture 2009 PDF
Institute Lecture 2008 PDF
Institute Lecture 2007 PDF
Institute Lecture 2006 PDF
Institute Lecture 2005 PDF

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